How Packaging Affects the Performance of a Business

Entrepreneurs who are into retail and other forms of businesses knew how important packaging is. Many are investing their time and effort to create unique packaging for their products because it would also serve as an advertisement for their company if it would gain a lot of attention from the public. Many types of boxes can be used for packaging, but there are two types which are popular in the business industry. The first type of boxes is cardboard boxes, and these are used for packaging food products, soaps, and toothpaste, among others. These type of boxes are thin, and it is not recommended for shipping because it is not strong enough to handle the stress when delivered.

The second type of boxes is the corrugated board. These boxes are composed of two parts – the flat, outer part, and the wavy inner part. These are used for shipping because of its incredible strength, and these boxes can stack up on one another because it can resist any weight and would not fold. Corrugated boxes are the staple in the industry because of its availability, and many retailers chose these boxes because they could fit in more products inside without worrying about its strength. When choosing a corrugated box for shipping, there are also tricks on how to spot the best one, and every retailer should know about it because their product safety depends on it.

One of the factors affecting the type of corrugated box needed by a retailer would be the size of the product that will be shipped. For smaller items, retailers should choose a small corrugated box that could withstand stacking. A corrugated box used for smaller items are also thinner, but their wavy insides help it resist any force that will be applied to it. For larger items, retailers should choose a more durable type of corrugated boxes. These cartons are tough, and it would not be destroyed easily. They can also be stacked without harming the products inside. Delivering the items would not be a hassle as well, because the items inside the boxes will survive the transport because of the tough nature of the boxes they are in.

Another thing to consider would be the wavy inner part of the corrugated boxes. These wavy parts are called flutes, and there are many types of flutes to choose from. The first one is called type A, and it is the thickest flute available in the market. The flutes that are falling under the type A category are 5 mm thick, and it can be stacked without folding. The next type of flutes is called type B, and these are 3.2 mm thick. These boxes are used for the transport of canned goods and other similar products. The next type of flute is called type C, and it is 4 mm thick. This is used in many products, and it is considered as an all-purpose flute. Type E and type F flutes are the most modern flutes to be created, and these come at a thickness of 1.6 mm and 0.8 mm. These flutes are mostly used for packaging with detailed printing because it provides superior quality for images. Another thing to be considered would be the thickness of the board, and a retailer should check for themselves whether the board they chose would resist folding or not.


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